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Signs my vacuum cleaner needs repairs

Vacuum RepairA good, high performance vacuum cleaner should be built to last for years, not months. To get long-lasting value out of your vacuum, any make or model requires some simple observation. You will know if it is operating at its full potential or starting to show common telltale signs of wear. In most case, a simple repair or diagnostic overhaul is fast and inexpensive. And proper attention and care will keep it running smoothly for many years.

Here are the most common clues that your vacuum needs repairing

  • You hear loud squeaking or knocking
  • You can smell something burning
  • Your vacuum won’t turn on at all
  • There’s no suction or very low suction power
  • Your filter blows out dirt, dust, and debris
  • Cracks or missing screws in the body of your vacuum

These are all signs that your vacuum needs proper servicing by a trained expert at David’s Vacuums. If you live in one of our in-store service areas, just bring your vacuum into any David’s store. (Find a store) Let any of our friendly service staff know you need a repair, and we’ll happily unload your vacuum from your car.

We can repair or service any brand vacuum, but we only sell brands we trust, so you know that when it comes time for repair, we’ll know exactly how to help.

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