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Best tips for maintaining your vacuum cleaner

Vacuum MaintenanceIf you closely observe and listen to your vacuum cleaner, it is relatively easy to maintain. You can avoid many common repair problems with a little smarts and elbow grease. Of course, if it’s a serious problem or you are uncomfortable servicing your own vacuum, David’s Vacuums has provided decades of expert, knowledgeable service for customers across the country. Visit any of our stores for convenient in-store repairs.

Easy tips for getting the most out of your vacuum:

  • Keep it clean – Using a mild detergent, wipe off any dirt and germs from the attachments, hoses, body every few times you vacuum. Use the hose to vacuum any dirt and debris from the attachments after every use.
  • Check Suction – Check for clogs in the wand, hose, and brush as well as any intake and exhaust ports.
  • Remove Hair and Fibers from Brush Rolls – Use a seam ripper or scissors to cut and remove any hair and fibers and remove. Be careful!
  • Replace Vacuum Bags – Air flows through the bag and if you let it get more than 3/4 full you will have reduced suction and cleaning ability. Check the bag often and don’t rely completely on vacuum indicators.
  • Replace Filters – Check any replaceable filters every few months. As they become dirty you will lose suction. Do not use the vacuum without a filter. As a note, even vacuums with permanent filters sometimes need to be replaced, such as Dyson.
  • Check the Belt – if you notice that you must repeatedly vacuum over an area multiple times, check the belt to make sure it isn’t stretched or worn. We have belts at all David’s store locations and will even put it on for you!
  • Regular Service – Get your vacuum serviced on a regular basis to keep it running at optimal performance and extend the life of your vacuum cleaner. We offer service plans on any new vacuum you purchase from us.
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