David Everywhere Cord Free Upright Vacuum

David Everywhere Cord Free Upright Vacuum

The all-new Everywhere by David is cord free, powerful and very light. And with a fully-charged battery you can vacuum 50 minutes at full power. Take the Everywhere anywhere you need to clean up.

  • Go everywhere cordless – There’s no cord so you can vacuum practically everywhere! Never worry about finding a plug or tripping over the cord. It’s so easy to start cleaning!
  • Lightweight – At only 11 pounds, it’s easy to carry upstairs and throughout your home.
  • Powerful and easy to maneuver – Works great on smooth floors, hardwoods, tile and is incredibly effective on all types of carpet and rugs.
  • One vacuum for all your needs – It’s a quick pick-up vacuum and a full-size vacuum all in one!
  • Advanced 44-volt lithium-ion battery – Get 50 minutes of long-lasting vacuuming power.
  • No hand fatigue – Unlike handheld and stick vacuums, it doesn’t feel “hand-heavy” in your hand or fatigue your hands.
  • Dual-zippered outer filter bag – Easily remove and replace bags with no mess!
  • Self-sealing, one-click HEPA media bag – Keep pollen, dust and dander out of your home and in the bag where it belongs. The HEPA grade traps 99.97% of dust particles to 0.3 microns.
  • Lays flat – Easily clean under furniture and hard to reach places.
  • Bright LED lights – Illuminate the vacuum’s path so you don’t miss the dust and dirt hiding under furniture and beds.
  • Metal brush rollers – Durable rollers stand up to repeat usage over many years. Easily swap and replace rollers to customize for any surface in your home.
  • Squeegee – Cleans bare floors beautifully.
  • ABS plastic body – Rigid and durable, yet incredibly lightweight.
  • Bronze seal of approval – Awarded for the ability to remove soil, contain dust, and retain carpet quality.
  • Worry-free warranty – Includes a three-year warranty and a one-year battery warranty.
  • Includes 3 FREE annual red carpet service tune-ups – Keep it running like new!


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David Gets the Job Done
I love my David cordless vacuum. It is a breeze to vacuum with it because it is light weight and powers so well with the battery. I do NOT miss the cord and in fact look forward to vacuuming now…

Best Vacuum Ever!
To everyone who has vacuumed a lot during your lifetime, this vacuum is almost magical. It is light weight and has great suction. But most of all it is cordless. No cord to trip over or have to constantly manipulate. This vacuum actually makes vacuuming fun…

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