DAVID Everywhere Cordless Battery Vacuum +1 Hr Rechargeable Battery + E-cloth 8 Piece Home Cleaning Set Bundle Offer

Experience a new level of clean with our specially curated bundle. For just $999.99, you’ll save up to $234 on this premium cleaning solution.

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The bundle includes:

DAVID Everywhere Cordless Battery Vacuum: Redefine convenience with this cordless vacuum cleaner. Its lightweight, battery-powered design allows for thorough cleaning across every room of your home – making it a true everywhere vacuum.

DAVID HOUDINI 1HR Rechargeable Battery: With the DAVID HOUDINI 1HR rechargeable battery, your vacuum will always be ready to go. This high-capacity battery offers up to an hour of continuous cleaning time, ensuring uninterrupted housekeeping.

E-Cloth 8 Piece Home Cleaning Set: This comprehensive set contains eight dedicated cloths for home cleaning, ensuring that every surface is catered to. From windows to appliances, your home’s cleanliness is secured with these efficient tools.

The ‘DAVID Everywhere Cordless Battery Vacuum + 1 Hr Rechargeable Battery + E-Cloth 8 Piece Home Cleaning Set Bundle Offer’ is a perfect addition to any home. Shop today and save up to $234.