David Commercial X Upright Vacuum

David Commercial X Upright Vacuum

The vacuum of choice for hotels, the ultra-lightweight and easy-to-use David Commercial X is now available for your home!

  • Ultra-lightweight – It’s only 8 pounds!
  • Powerful – Commercial-grade suction tackles the toughest jobs around your home.
  • Easy to use – It’s light, maneuverable and lays flat to easily clean under furniture.
  • Long cord – Increase your vacuuming reach with the generous 30’ cord.
  • Self-sealing HEPA media bag – Keeps pollen, dust and dander out of your home and in the bag!
  • Durable – Metal handle tube and pivot bracket stand up to daily use.
  • Worry-free warranty – Includes a one-year warranty.


Recent Reviews

I work for a commercial cleaning company as a contractor at an industrial company is the client. This vacuum was recently brought to the worksite. Let’s talk about powerful and so easy to clean with. Have used this vacuum the past two weeks and this is absolutely the best vacuum I’ve ever used as a professional cleaning individual…

This design has a lot going for it, better and stronger handle, steel beater bar with easy and cheaper cost to replace brushes. Great warranty and service. Very good suction, powerful beater bar, easy to use. Along with the FireFly canister unit you can get at everything.

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