Meet the Team

Meet the team

Mike Eirmann

Mike Eiermann

Managing Partner

As Managing Partner of now David’s Vacuums Mike has 47 years of experience that has provided him an opportunity to lead and develop team members in every aspect of the business. While sales is his passion you will also see quickly that finding new products to sell, ways to compensate and motivate his team and most importantly having fun is top priority. From the beginning Mike has said that you should always wake up and say that you GET to go to work today not that you HAVE to go to work. You spend a lot of time with your work family and it is important that you love what you do and feel good about the products and service you are providing. Knowing that we sell quality products and offer a service that is so compelling that consumers will leave our store feeling like they have to tell their friends and family is incredible.

When not at work, you will find Mike spending time with his wife, Carol who he met when he was a teenager in New Orleans and married just before he began in the industry. Mike and Carol have two children, Dawn and Travis who are both married and together have six children. PawPaw always knows just how to spoil his grandkids and send them home full of sugar and spice! When not on a ball field or shopping PawPaw loves hanging out in the backyard barbequing and swimming with his family!

When you work in the clean home industry for as long as Mike has it is only natural that you become a clean home expert which spills over to your own home. You can bet that Mike’s floors are the cleanest in the neighborhood.

Dawn Karns

Dawn Eiermann Karns

Executive Vice President

As Executive Vice President of David’s Vacuums, Dawn Karns has worked alongside her Dad, Mike Eiermann since November of 2007. After getting married in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Karns and, at the time her fiancé decided to move to Houston for an opportunity to work with family. Dawn would become the office manager and help manage 16 Houston and Dallas stores with her Dad and her husband began his career in a different industry in Houston. Working in the “family” business as a young couple meant that if they decided to have children Dawn could bring the little ones to work and have some flexibility that one may not ordinarily have. Three baby boys in 5 years allowed Dawn to grow in her career as well as a new mother, again an opportunity that is a blessing.

When asked what is most important about our company the response you will hear is our team our family. Our business is about helping families have cleaner homes, we want to help you have a cleaner healthier place to live and breathe for you and your loved ones. With three children who are actively involved in school and sports and working as a full time mom it is important that our home is clean and healthy. That is why we are passionate about finding the best products and services for our consumers, we know how important it is to have a clean and healthy environment.

Working has always been a part of Dawn’s life. At 16, she began working and has not stopped. Although she has a degree in business from Sam Houston State, Dawn will tell you that she learned more from her Dad and Tom Oreck over her childhood that led to her ultimately joining the company. Without any formal experience in the industry or operations experience, only sales experience, it was very obvious early on that Dawn was meant to help her Dad run the company.