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A Memorial Day Tribute: Celebrate with 20% Off Cordless Vacuums

Assortment of discounted cordless vacuums at David's Vacuums
Memorial Day is a cherished time to remember, appreciate, and celebrate those who have served our nation and families.

20% Off Until Friday, May 31st!

David’s Vacuums is delighted to announce our Memorial Day promotion starting today. This 20% Off sale applies to all our best-selling cordless vacuums until Friday, May 31st. These vacuum cleaners embody power and convenience and are perfect for keeping your home spotless, minus cord-related hassles.

Experience the Freedom of Cordless

Immerse yourself in the convenience of our Stick Vacuum on sale. The stick vacuum is a potent symbol of cordless freedom, allowing you to navigate your home effortlessly. Lightweight, user-friendly, and quick to charge, our cordless stick vacuums redefine the cleaning experience.

Stay Versatile with the Miele Triflex HX1

Make way for the Miele Triflex HX1, a star player in our cordless vacuum lineup. This model stands out with its innovative 3-in-1 design, offering unmatched flexibility and unparalleled convenience. Be it reaching under low furniture, cleaning a vast area, or getting to those tight corners, the Triflex HX1 is ready for anything. Its VARTA Li-Ion battery ensures longevity, allowing you to clean at ease. This Memorial Day, why not welcome the Miele Triflex HX1 into your home?

Unveiling the David’s Vacuum Special – Houdini YMop

Elevate your cleaning regimen with our exclusive Houdini YMop—an embodiment of a true cleaning marvel. Thanks to its cordless design, the Houdini YMop is perfect for all flooring types and makes house cleaning a breeze.

The Power Titan: David’s Cordless Vacuum

David’s Cordless Vacuum, now on sale, stands as our flagship model in the cordless vacuum segment. It’s the ultimate cleaning accessory for a spotless home, combining powerful suction, easy maneuverability, and cordless convenience.

The Cordless Advantage

Our cordless vacuums are not just powerful; they’re designed for maximum ease of use. From the simple battery attachment to the uncomplicated emptying system, every feature is conceived to make cleaning seamless. This Memorial Day, gift yourself the luxury of convenience and shop our vacuum cleaners on sale. 

David’s Vacuums – Making Memorial Day Special

Memorial Day is a time of reflection and gratitude. What better way to commemorate it than with the gift of ease? With our Memorial Day vacuum sale, you won’t just be investing in a practical, essential tool, but also in more quality time to enjoy life’s finer moments.

This year, celebrate differently. Show your appreciation for those you remember by investing in simplicity and ease. Enjoy 20% off on our top-rated cordless vacuums on sale and experience the liberation of cordless cleaning.

Act Fast – Our Memorial Day Sale Won’t Last!

Remember, our Memorial Day sale lasts until Friday, May 31st. Don’t delay—our team is ready and excited for you to benefit from our special offers. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your Memorial Day truly special. Check our website for store locations nearby, and let the celebrations commence!

This year, let’s celebrate Memorial Day with gratitude and the gift of effortless cleaning with David’s Vacuums.

Let’s make cleaning simpler—you deserve it.

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